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Daniel Hopkins founded H&M Properties back in 2005 and his business is located in the suburb of Llanishen on the outskirts of Cardiff City Centre. The business occupies a prime location on one of the main roads (Fidlas Road), which can be found, on the Rhydypenau Junction. This is the junction between four districts of Cardiff meaning they have good passing traffic and ample parking facilities on nearby streets.

Daniel Hopkins from H&M Properties is a well-known character within the property industry in Cardiff thanks to his article writing for the Cardiff Property Info Blog and he has over 13 years experience within the industry. In addition to Daniel’s passion for anything property related he has also been a Landlord for a number of years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he brings to the Residential Lettings section of his Llanishen based business.

Daniel Hopkins – H&M Properties

The passion Daniel has for property started when he was working in the IT department of a large and well-known corporation. He purchased his first house, having become fed up with renting and despite having very little money saved; he managed to get his foot on the proverbial ‘Property Ladder’. He offered the full asking price on the basis that the vendor paid his deposit and hey presto… Daniel’s interest in property developed. He then spent more and more time working on the house, before deciding to purchase another property and then renting out the first property. His life as a Landlord had begun!

H&M Properties was born from dissatisfaction towards the agencies that had been managing Daniels’s portfolio. He found them to be useless and they simply did not listen to him or provide him with the service he needed. It started Daniel thinking and he thought that if he was this unhappy with the agencies, then how many other Landlords were unhappy too. Daniel was sure that he could do a better job particularly for the small portfolio and accidental landlords.

Owning property, renting out property and using agencies to manage his properties has given Daniel a great understanding of how a property management company should and should not be run.

He is a true believer that being a landlord himself and having been a customer of letting agents is the key to knowing what other landlords expect as a minimum. The larger agents strive so hard to find landlords with large portfolios and because they are looking for the bigger fish, they let the smaller fish pass by. H&M Properties catch the smaller, more niche market of the accidental and small portfolio landlords. H&M Properties believe these landlords are in greater need of guidance and support.

H&M Properties are an independent agency providing property management, letting agency and estate agency services. They have a modern, fresh approach with technology at the forefront of what they do.

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