Zoopla ban ‘No DSS’ adverts

In the news over the past few days, you may have caught the headlines that Zoopla plan to ban adverts on their website that say ‘No DSS’.

We have long since spoken about DSS tenants and we are a firm believer that everyone has the right to call a place ‘Home’. This step forward by Zoopla can be seen as both a positive and negative step.

When a potential tenant heads to Zoopla or any property portal, they can clearly see whether or not they would be considered for a property because they can see ‘DSS considered’ or ‘No DSS Considered’. They know where they stand and what properties they can and can’t go for.

The steps that Zoopla are planning to make, could lead to wasted journeys for tenants and a lot of extra work on their part. Tenants will still call in or phone agencies and ask if the property would accept DSS, so as far as we can see there is only a small positive to be gained from banning ‘NO DSS’ adverts. It may be a politically correct step and it may on the surface look non discriminatory, but it is not going to help DSS tenants find properties. They will still be met with negativity. The solution to the problem is not as simple as banning ‘NO DSS’ adverts.

As Landlords we need to be encouraged to accept DSS. Our agents need to be more accepting and if they are, then maybe Landlords might be more willing. Not all DSS tenants are bad tenants. If you are in doubt about accepting a DSS tenant you could ask for more money on a bond, get a good insurance policy in place and actually meet the potential tenants. You never know they might be lovely and they could be the best tenants you could ever wish for!

There is so much negativity surrounding DSS tenants and we applaud Zoopla for taking a positive step forward, but this is the first step of many that need to be taken to prevent DSS tenants from finding it hard to find a place to call home.

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One thought on “Zoopla ban ‘No DSS’ adverts

  1. These comments for accepting DSS tenants are aimed at Landlords. As a landlord I welcome DSS tenants with certain checks in place. However, I am continually incriminating myself (and will wait for the legal challenge) as it is a condition of some of the mortgages I have in place that I do not let a property to DSS or tenants on housing benefit. Is the discrimination of financiers that needs to change first. Whilst I am happy to challenge the discrimination that is handed down, most landlords would prefer the easy option and merely pass on the discrimination….

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